Welcome to Conrec Contract and Recruitment where our prime objectives is to supply the civil, construction, engineering and related industries in South Africa with labour. We don't just supply labour but we assist in skill training as our ultimate dream is to make the entire work force of South Africa productive and employable.
The benefits to our clients are: Cost Savings - Wage Bureau Services
Low prices
Quality Service
Lead time reduction
Forward planning (look Ahead Requirements)
Contractual partnership (ongoing relationship that is mutually beneficial)
Involvement in unemployment eradication
Labour supplied - Medical tested
Indemnity Insurance of five million Rand
Labour supplied with distinctive P.P.E fully
Reference and criminal checks are done as a formality
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Membership: MEIBC; NABCAT; NAFCOC; FABCOS; Saldanha Chamber of Commerce;
the Construction Engineering Association; SEIFSA; West Coast Business Development Centre.
Registered labour Broker with the Department of Manpower
Existing Infrastructure
Fully representative, black owned and controlled
Ability to expand current offices and staff