The company is busy identifying companies and decision makers who believe in making the South African economy vibrant and who truly believe in providing a return for their shareholders by sharing the vision of providing employment through participation in Governmental/Parastatal Projects through empowerment and training initiatives.

Major companies are being consulted with a view to realize empowerment initiatives in these contracts, and as a matter of course to become partners in realizing the ultimate dream of making the entire workforce of South African productive and employable.
  • We are confident that we have a workable solution to the recruitment requirements of the projects holders, contractors and clients.
  • We believe that the project holders of any capital project will appreciate our experience in this particular field and encourage companies with a similar view to become partners in business with us.
  • We are prepared to take on joint ventures, thus enabling others entrants an opportunity to become economically active.
  • We are sincere in our endeavors and are of the opinion that if given the opportunity, we can surpass the efforts or our competitors.
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The company is busy identifying companies and decision...
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